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Comstock Station - Comstock Station (2017)
05 Дек 2017, 22:50

Исполнитель: Comstock Station
Название диска: Comstock Station
Лейбл: Comstock Station - 888295663946
Страна: USA (Hartford, CT)
Жанр: Classic Rock, Blues
Год выпуска: 2017
Количество треков: 8
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 00:59:56
Размер файла: 126,72 МБ


01. Broken Pride 09:27
02. If You Want To Live 06:31
03. Common Bond 04:06
04. 2 Hours Till Dawn 11:48
05. Freeloader 03:23
06. Wrong Road Home 05:10
07. Whiskey In The Mornin' 06:06
08. Echo Of Souls 13:21

Comstock Station is a Three Piece Power Rock & Roll Band and lifelong musicians from the Hartford, CT area. The band delivers high-powered, raw, guitar-driven Classic Rock & Roll, and Blues crafted by their own unique style.
Here’s where it all began. Troy & Will are lifelong friends and have known each other since the age of 5. They grew up listening to all types of music, mainly Classic Rock bands like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Rush, Deep Purple, and the heavy-blues dynamics of early Zeppelin, Hendrix and Cream. They played together, even creating songs during their teens, then life took them in other directions. Years later, they’ve come full circle, reunited, and have expanded upon their Rock/Blues roots. Growing up less than a mile away from each other, they share a common bond with the same musical DNA. Drummer Greg Aiello came into the band at just the right time, and it was instant musical chemistry. That sealed the deal as the band Comstock Station!
From our fans:
“Awesome Band. One of the best guitar players I have heard in all the events that I’ve been to. Troy really shredded up the stage with some great Blues Rock, Rock and even Ballads, putting his own spin on each tune. It was great just to listen to the band.”
“Outstanding group. Mind blowing energy!”
“Power Rockers that give you the 70’s concert vibe.”
“Great band, great guitar riffs! My kind of music!”
“Best band I’ve heard with Rock it Out. They played Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath. The guitarist was very good.”
“They ROCK!!”
“I played a couple of the videos for a guy at work and he was blown away too! He is a musician and could not believe how good your band sounds and that only 3 guys could generate a sound like that!”
“This band is ahh-sume & they play alot of different songs.”
“Great power trio, good dynamics, good originals, tight band – lot’s of fun!!”

Troy T. - Guitars, Vocals
Will Everett - Bass
Greg Aiello - Drums

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